Product Profile

A.D Jewellery

American diamond jewellery pieces are replicas of real diamonds. This makes them much more affordable as compared to real diamond jewellery.

Temple Jewellery

Image result for Temple Jewellery Temple Jewellery is a kind of Ethnic Jewellery which is designed in various forms of Gods and Goddesses. Originally, It was made with Gold embedded with different types of precious stones and gems.

Pachi Kundan jewellery

Pachi Ahmedabadi Kundan is an heritage art of making jewellery with a unique hand craftsmanship that originated in Gujarat. Pachi Ahmedabadi Kundan is a heritage art of making jewellery with a unique hand craftsmanship that originated in Gujarat.

Imported Jewellery

The commonest metal used to make Imported jewellery is a White metal called nickel. Lead, Copper, Cadmium and Brass are also being used.

Fusion Jewellery

The Fusion jewellery collection is the amalgamation of the traditional gold jewellery adorned by Indian women since centuries, the jewellery that spoke of tradition, Value, Love and Commitment, we have taken that same gold jewellery and have poured some trendiness and contemporary sauces to the mixture to match it up with the current Vogue.

Kundan Jewellery

Kundan is a form of jewellery made from gold, usually with a core of wax. The term 'kundan' itself means highly refined pure gold, and this type of jewellery generally involves 24k pure gold. Kundan jewellery holds credit as one of the oldest forms of jewellery in India with a rich legacy of over 2,500 years.

Victorian Jewellery

Victorian jewellery originated in England. Victorian jewellery was produced during the reign of Queen Victoria, whose reign lasted from 1837 to 1901. Queen Victoria was an influential figure who established the different trends in Victorian jewellery.
The amount of jewellery acquired throughout the Victorian era established a person’s identity and status.

Meena Jewellery

Meena is the literal Hindi translation of Enameling, which a handcrafted work of fusing a myriad of colors in Gold, while Kundan is the literal Marwari translation of 24K Pure Gold, which when united on a piece of jewelry, make a handcrafted piece of art, in the form of jewelry, known as Kundan Meena.

Indo Western Jewellery

Wearing your traditional Indian jewelry with the modern western clothes. This may seem confusing or rather odd to hear. But when you team up the right accessories with the right clothes, the fusion look is just magic. There are many ways in which you can bring together the traditional accessories and the modern ensembles to achieve a trendy fusion look .


Accessories are secondary items that add to or complete the main object or style.Accessories are the details that complete, or add interest to an outfit or fashion look. Such details comprise earrings, scarves, belts, handbags, necklaces, etc.

Raw Material

Oxidized jhumka making materials, Beads, Oxidized pendants for necklaces and for making other handmade jewelry accessories, Tiger tail, Cotton beads, Silk beads, Chemical beads, Plastic beads, Coins, Jhumur, Brass Jhumur, Kori, Threads, Meenakri items, Oxidized Indian God & Goddesses replica for making necklace, Gold plated articles for earrings and other handmade jewelry designs., Silver Jhumur